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  7. Service Content

    Installation service covers one (1) time setup of MuOnline Server packages with minimum of 1-2 sub-servers and/or selected service options(1)
    Installation and configuration of Microsoft SQL Server(2)
    Database setup and configuration
    Configuration of additional tools - 
    Windows Firewall Rules Configuration

    Explanation Notes

    Realm - in other meaning a World in game
    Sub-Server - This is a server configured within a realm (apart of main server), in other meaning "sub" is additional
    Database Type - MuOnline: a single database storing all game information, Me_MuOnline: Database storing mostly account data, commonly used for shared accounts configuration for multi-realm servers

    After Purchase Notes

    An automated ticket will be created for your service inquiry at Support Center, please follow it for further communication regarding the service.

    (1) - Installation of Server Suite packages on extra machine requires to purchase another service.
    (2) - To speed up installation process it is recommended to Customer to download SQL Server Installer before the service is started by our engineer, otherwise the installation time may extend, depending of a internet connection speed of machine the installation is performed on
    (3) - Service excludes further support
    (4) - Service is being performed by our Supporter in shortest timing manner possible after receiving complete details necessary to start installation, in certain cases installation may take up to 48 hours.
    (5) - Any sort of custom installation other than offered by this service may be subject to extra fee depending of a nature of inquiry
    (6) - In case of not efficient connection speed between Supporter performing the service and host on which the service had to be performed on, the Supporter may refuse to complete the service, in such case the payment for service will be refunded

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    We will integrate your template into cms for you.

    We only work with html templates!

  10. We will help you setup your cms.

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